The Rest of Everest Episode 108: Returning to Annapurna IV

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After a bit of a hiatus, and following a couple of teaser episodes, the Rest of Everest has returned to our regularly scheduled programming by rejoining the Annapurna IV team as they continue up the mountain. Climbers Ben Clark and Josh Butson once again join podcast creator Jon Miller to discuss their attempt on the summit of Annapurna IV, as well as their plans to make the first ski descent of that mountain.

When last we heard from the boys, they were in the middle of a summit bid, climbing up to Camp 2 on the mountain, and that’s exactly where we begin Episode 108, entitled “Not Good, Not Bad”. Ben and Josh are in camp and discussing the challenges of the climb, which obviously include high altitude and challenging approaches, but in this case, there was a great deal of snow as well, which is seen quite clearly as the episode goes along.

As usual with the Rest of Everest, we get some amazing views of the Himalaya from a perspective that only high altitude mountaineers ever get to see. Armchair mountaineers will also enjoy watching Ben melt snow for water and other scenes of the climbers going about the business of living at altitude on the mountain. We all can appreciate the shots of them climbing with ice axes through a section that would normally have a fixed line, but in this case, none exists. You’ll have to tune in for yourself to discover what the “screaming barfies” actually are.

As always, you can find the podcast on the website by clicking here or subscribe to it directly in iTunes. Great to have the show back!

Kraig Becker

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