The Rest of Everest Episode 109: 2 Steps Up, 5000 Steps Down!

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The Rest of Everest is back on track with regular episodes coming our way. Last week we jumped back into the Annapurna IV climb, where Ben Clark and Josh Butson are continuing their attempt to summit the mountain, and then make the first ski descent on their return to Base Camp.

This week, we’re up to Episode 109: 2 Steps Up, 5000 Steps Back Down, where we get to spend a fair amount of time in the tent with the climbers, as they discuss their approach to going up Annapurna IV and share their experiences getting to high camp, and within striking distance of the summit. The plan at this point was to rest up in the tent and go for Camp 3 the following day, but weather extended the stay in the tent at C2.

The episode shows an aspect of mountaineering that you don’t often see. The days of waiting for a weather window, and preparing to take advantage of any opportunity you can get. Fortunately, the next day dawns clear and bright, and it looks like next episode will have the boys on the move again.

Get the latest episode from the website here, or from iTunes here.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Nice blog. I like adventuress life, I hope next episode the boy surely move again.

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