Want To Go To Antarctica With Neil Armstrong?

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This story seems very fitting today, on the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, which sent astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on a stroll along the lunar surface. Later this year, Armstrong will continue his explorations when he heads to Antarctica as part of a special National Geographic Expedition, in conjunction with Lindblad Expeditions, this November.

The trip is 25-days in length, and departs from Miami, with flights to Chile, where travelers will board the National Geographic Explorer for a cruise across the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula. Other stops include South Georgia, the Falklands, and South Orkney Islands.

In addition to Neil Armstrong, travelers will be exploring Antarctica with a compliment of naturalists that will give insight into the region like no one else can. That insight will come in handy while walking the shores of the Southern Ocean with hundreds of thousands of penguins at your feet or while spotting whales on the open seas. More adventurous travelers can take a Zodiac or kayak out to explore the beautiful and remote coastline, with towering ice bergs drift in the icy waters.

For more information on this very cool travel opportunity click here, and you’ll find some more details here.

Seems like a great trip to me, and having the opportunity to meet a living legend doesn’t hurt either. Of course, the price tag is a bit steep, but it is one of those once in a life time opportunities. The 25-day length seems perfect to really see the Antarctic region as well. Anyone want to share a cabin with me? I’ll bet we can tell some tall tales about throwing down beers with Neil Armstrong while a storm raged on the Drake Passage. Who else could tell a story like that?

Kraig Becker

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