Zac Sunderland Completes His Circumnavigation!

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17-year old Zac Sunderland has completed his solo circumnavigation of the globe, becoming the youngest person to do so when he returned to his home port in Los Angeles yesterday. His journey took 13 months to complete. His journey took him across three oceans, five seas, and across the equator on two occasions. I first wrote about Zac when he set out last year.

The young sailor was greeted by a flotilla of well wishers upon his approach to Marina del Rey yesterday. Hundreds more lined the piers as he maneuvered his 36-foot sailing vessel, the Intrepid, back into it’s slip. The modest little vessel was purchased by Zac who saved up his own money to afford the ship that would take him into sailing history.

You can read more about Zac and his adventure on his official website, where he has kept a blog about his experiences, including his return home just yesterday. Congrats to Zac for an amazing job. He has accomplished more before the age of 18 than most will in a lifetime, and of course he’ll be keeping eye on Jessica Watson, the 16-year old Aussie girl who hopes to go after his record soon.

Kraig Becker

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