JPFreek Joins Transcontinental Expedition

A press release from JPFreek Adventure Magazine this morning has announced that the online magazine has joined forces with the Extrem Events Transcontinental Jeep Expedition that is currently underway from Paris to New York. According to the release, JPFreek has become the exclusive media partner of the expedition, which is led by German adventurer Mattias Jeschke, who is making the journey to promote CO2 neutrality and alternative energy sources.

The expedition team set out a few months back on what is expected to be a year long expedition around the planet aboard a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. The journey has already taken the drivers from Paris, into Russia, and Mongolia, and beyond. But they are gearing up for what may be the toughest, and most challenging part of the entire expedition, crossing the Bering Strait. To accomplish that difficult and dangerous traverse, the Rubicon will be fitted with special pontoon attachments, which will allow it to cross open water when necessary.

Upon arriving in Alaska, Mattias will be met by JPFreek editor Frank Ledwell, who will accompany him on the rest of the journey from the start of the Trans-America highway south to the Continental U.S. before turning east to New York, the expeditions eventual finish line. For more information on the transcontinental expedition, check out the most recent issues of JPFreek. The magazine has been chronicling the progress of the drivers since before they set out, and I expect even more great coverage now.

There is something very cool about an around the world expedition in what ever shape it takes. Driving from Paris to New York sounds like quite an adventure, but I had always assumed they’d cross the Bering Sea on a ship of some kind. This sounds far more interesting and dangerous however, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Follow along and find out more at the expedition’s official website.

Kraig Becker

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