The Rest of Everest Episodes 111 & 112: Closing The Annapurna IV Expedition

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Still catching up on all kinds of things after being away for two weeks, and one of the things that I’m working on is getting caught up on two episodes of The Rest of Everest that were released while I was away. When I last left off, Ben and Josh were high on Annapurna IV, the 24,688 foot mountain that they’ve been attempting to climb and then ski back down for the past number of episodes.

Episode 111 is entitled Onward and Downward, and it mainly focuses on the team returning to base camp and packing up their gear in preparation to leave. At the end of the expedition, there is a bit of a subdued feeling, as it is now time to go home, but without a successful summit under their belt. With the gear packed up and ready to go, Ben, Josh, and Tim return to the Annapurna Circuit for the long hike out.

Episode 112 is the last of the Annapurna IV episodes, aptly titled The End of the Annapurna IV Expedition, shows the guys returning to Pokara, where they decide to have some fun before they have to head home. So, they rent some motorcycles and scooters and hit the road.

Both of these episodes show the second half of the Annapurna circuit and have lots of great footage from that beautiful area. The High Himalaya are on full display and the scenery is, as you’d expected from the Rest of Everest, spectacular. Both of these episodes are fitting ends to the Annapurna IV series, with so much great stuff packed in each. And up next, we can expect episodes focusing on the Ski The Himalayas Expedition, which was just completed this past spring. Coming soon!

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  1. Recently found your blog, and while I haven't read much of it yet, I'm very intrigued and will be watching closely from now on. How are you finding all this awesome news??

  2. Glad you enjoy the blog Brent and I hope you find plenty to keep you interested. 🙂

    As for all the news, it's out there, sometimes you just have to look for it. 🙂

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