Survivorman Still Teaching Us Things

I saw this video over at the Best Hike Blog, and it stars Les Stroud of Survivorman fame and the famous gecko from the Geico Commercials. The show may be gone, but Les is still trying to show us how to survive in the outdoors. Pretty funny stuff.

Kraig Becker

10 thoughts on “Survivorman Still Teaching Us Things”

  1. To me he is. The show is excellent. Well edited and very interesting. I'm sure kids watching all his shows, Bear Grylls and Ray Mears shows will learns so much they'll not loose faith and probably be very creative if something would go wrong in the wild for them.
    These shows saves lives ! (Allthough I never saw Mears' shows yet)

    Found this but to me all of them will be able to survive. Bear is probably stronger and Ray more experienced.

    A show I'd like to see (well we mainly call it adventure film or doco) is of someone doing like Les but more than a week. In a week, you usually have enough fat/muscle in you to survive without eating. What about being on an island alone for 2 months with just a knife? That'll be hard.

    Maybe ask Tom Hanks 🙂

  2. Hey Paul,

    I've been watching Alone in the Wild a bit as well, and feel the same way. Not bad, not super compelling so far either. I had a bunch of videos sent my way too, but just haven't had time to do anything with them.

    And I agree, I like both Les and Bear. They're different, and I appreciate them both for what they bring to the table.

  3. SurvivorMan the man that couldn't survive Labrador ,and instead had to get a chopper off.We hunted out on the ice 2 weeks after he went home with his tail between his legs.Survivor sucks .

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