WideWorld Profiles Amazon Walker Ed Stafford

I’ve mentioned Ed Stafford a couple of times before. He’s the former British military officer who is in the middle of walking the length of the Amazon, and is sharing his adventure with us through his very interesting Twitter feed.

Now, online adventure magazine WideWorld has a great profile of the Amazon Walker as part of their “heroes” feature. In the story, they takes a look at Ed’s journey, which began back in April of 2008 (the article says 2007), and some of the challenges he’s had to overcome so far, including hostile Amazon natives, dangerous animals, and a variety of other dangerous situations in the never ending “Green Hell” that is the Amazon.

Since I first reported on Ed a few months back, I’ve been completely fascinated by his expedition, in no small part because of my own recent trip to the Amazon. I did some hiking in the jungle while I was there, and it was incredibly hot, humid, and difficult to make steady progress. Walking the entire 4000+ miles of the river itself seems like an impossible journey, but each day that he is out there, Ed proves me wrong. If he stays on pace, remains healthy, and focused, he’ll reach the mouth of the river sometime in the spring of 2010. In the meantime, we all get to follow along and enjoy his updates both through Twitter and his blog posts on the expedition’s official website.

Kraig Becker

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