16 Year Old Aussie Girl Prepares To Sail the World

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Jessica Watson, the 16-year old Australian girl I mentioned a few months back, appears to be in the final stages of preparation to set off on her attempt to sail solo around the world. If successful, and depending on the amount of time it takes her to complete the voyage, she could become the youngest person to do so.

In the recent updates to her blog, Jessica notes that they have been putting the finishing touches on her boat, Ella’s Pink Lady, and that it went back into the water yesterday. She now plans to sail from Australia’s Gold Coast down south to Sydney, where she’ll eventually depart on the circumnavigation attempt. She hopes to reach Sydney by early next week.

Jessica is just the latest teenager to make this voyage with Zac Sunderland from the U.S. finishing his journey back in July, setting the new age mark at 17. A month later Mike Perham from the U.K. did the same thing, besting Zac by just a few months time. And lest we forget, 13-year old Laura Dekker is still waiting to see if she can make her own solo circumnavigation attempt.

I’ll keep an eye on Jessica’s progress and see when she sets out. Won’t be long now. Good luck Jessica!

Kraig Becker

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