Are You The Ultimate Athlete?

The search is on for the Ultimate Athlete as a new competition is ramping up for next year, that will pit 24 people against one another in a host of different activities to determine who is the greatest athlete around.

In June of 2010, the men and women who are selected to compete in the Ultimate Athlete challenge will descend on Portland Oregon, where they will take part in more than twenty different sports. The activities will range all over the Pacific Northwest, including the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, The Oregon Coast, and Portland itself. The competition will be held over the course of six days in what is described as a mix of mainstream sports, emerging sports, action sports, and olympic sports. The winner will earn $100,000.

How you try out to be included in the event isn’t actually explained on the project’s website, but their contacts page does offer several e-mail address to find more information, including one for athletes. It doesn’t say if there will be open tryouts or how exactly they’ll screen the competitors down to the final 24.

The competition has the potential to be interesting, since it is mixing in a variety of athletic events. But it also seems like this should be a reality TV show on cable somewhere too. I’m definitely intrigued with who they’ll actually attract for athletes, as who ever it is will have to have a solid background in a lot of different activities. A good decathlete with outdoor experience will probably do well in this competition, but we’ll see.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Are You The Ultimate Athlete?”

  1. Wondered the same thing myself. The "Ultimate Athlete" is likely to be be in his or her early 20's as opposed to us elder folk! 😉

  2. Thanks for the post, I am working with Search for the Ultimate Athlete and we are currently finalizing those details. I can tell you that the competition will feature 24 of the world's best athletes, competing in 20 sports and disciplines. Men and women of varying ages will compete head to head. In the end, one athlete will remain.

    Registration will open in the coming weeks. In June, 2010, the athletes will gather in Portland for six days of competition.

    Please keep checking the site for more details.

    Thanks Again,

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