The Bike That Went Round The World

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Ever wonder what kind of bike it would take to cycle around the world? Well wonder no more, as Gear Junkie Stephen Regenold has posted a great story about just such a bike on the Outside Blog today.

The bike in question is a custom modified mountain bike, with a steel frame from Waterford Precision Cycles that accompanied Scott Stoll as he peddled his way across the globe, crossing through 50 countries on six continents over a four year period. All told, Scott covered more than 25,740 miles and he gives all the details on the trip in his new book called Falling Uphill.

Scott is in the middle of a new cycling adventure, this time circumnavigating North America, but took some time to sit down with Stephen to give his thoughts on gear, long distance cycling, and a lot more. Obviously he has completely stress tested all of his equipment at this point, thanks to more than 31,000 miles on the road, and he has some good tips for other cyclists who might be heading out for an epic trip of their own or could be just rolling around the block.

You can follow Scott’s progress on his current adventure at his website which can be found here.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “The Bike That Went Round The World”

  1. There's a bike that has done many times the tour of planet that can be seen apparently in Paris.

    Just read the last paragraph at the bottom and the facts n figures. That's not an amazing adventure, that's an amazing life !

  2. I've written about Heinz before too, and you're right, it is an amazing life. Talk about freedom and an adventurous spirit, he pretty much embodies that.

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