Canoe & Kayak Weigh In With Their Best Inflatables Too!

Yesterday I linked out to a story on WideWorld’s website on their choice for the ten best inflatable kayaks and canoes on the market. Today, Canoe & Kayak Magazine offer up their selection, with some really great alternative choices in the same category.

C&K took a look as the best packable boats around, and have offered up some excellent suggestions no matter what your budget or needs. Most of these can be checked on a flight, so you can take your kayak with you when you travel, as they are lightweight, tough, and easy to pack-up. These advanced designs make them better alternatives than ever before, and you might be surprised at what you find.

For example, TRAK Kayaks offers a great looking boat that works well in the surf of sea kayaking. It’s called the T-1600, and Canoe & Kayak likes it because it can be assembled in ten minutes, has built in air pumps that can be controlled from the cockpit, and handles in the water very well. It ought to though, as it costs $3399.

I was happy to see the much more affordable AdvanceFrame (which I mentioned yesterday) from Advanced Elements get a nod as well. The reviewers seemed to be impressed with its handling and versatility, saying that it performs well on flat water and moderate what water as well. They also say it tracks well and is faster than you would expect from an inflatable, and is easy to paddle over longer distance. Sounds great to me, since this is on my list of gear in the future.

As I noted yesterday, these types of boats have come a long way in recent years, and the technology that goes into them is very impressive. While they won’t ever replace a traditional kayak, they remain a good alternative for those with a limited storage space or a smaller vehicle.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I don't know about taking your kayak on a flight with you. I think, it will be much cheaper to go with rentals.

  2. It is nice and the use of words are good. Its explanatory ,
    precise and does not diverts from the topic of discussion.
    It gives a clear cut picture of what is being talked about.

  3. This sports are amazing. So adventurous and exciting. But I heard here in our country, in this sport 4 people died because of sudden fast current.

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