Celebrity Kilimanjaro Climb Set For January

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The First Ascent Blog has announced the Summit on the Summit climb, which is scheduled to take place on Kilimanjaro this January with a number of big names taking part.

The expedition is focused on raising awareness about the global clean water crisis, while raising funds for three worthy causes, including the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and PlayPumps International.

The climb is the brainchild of musician Kenna, who will be joined by Jessica Biel, Lupe Fiasco, Isabel Lucas. A number of other participants from a variety of different fields including, Alexandra Cousteau, grand-daughter of Jacques Cousteau; Elizabeth Gore, Executive Director for Global Partnerships for the United Nations Foundation; and Kick Kennedy, environmental activist and granddaughter of Robert Kennedy, will also be on the trip. The expedition will be led by First Ascent Guide Melissa Arnot, who has summitted Everest on more than one occasion.

Considering the names on this expedition, and with the marketing machine of First Ascent behind it, I’m guessing we’ll hear a lot more about this climb in the weeks ahead.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Kilimanjaro Climb Set For January”

  1. Sounds very interesting. I wonder which route they will go. The 3D route animation on their website looks like it's going to be Machame route, but I'm not sure… does anyone know?

  2. It's hard to tell from the animation for sure. It could be Machame, although there are some indicators that it might not be either. For instance, the animation doesn't show them climbing to the lava tower than descending again, but it might be an over simplification.

    Guess we'll have to wait for more info to be released.

  3. How lucky we must be to share some outdoor meal with Jessica Biel or Isabel Lucas. I'm sure it's gonna be a hard climb as to find out what's more gorgeous: the mountain or these 2 women !
    Maybe I can dress up in Shrek or Optimus Prime to join the stars ?

  4. Awesome! You just might Cameron. It's a small mountain when the teams get moving. Drop by Jessica's tent to say hello! 🙂

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