Help Climber Layton Kor, Get The Chance To Climb One Of His Routes!

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Layton Kor is a true legend when it comes to rock climbing. The American put up new routes all over the country during the 50’s and 60’s, and was a true pioneer of the sport. But now, at the age 70, Kor is suffering from kidney disease and is having problems making the payments for the treatments he needs, and a new website has been set up to help raise funds to help him.

Stewart Green of Stewart’s Climbing blog has joined forces with the one and only Steph Davis to launch to help the venerable climber out. At the site, we can donate money that goes directly to Layton while he awaits a kidney transplant. Every time you donate $25 or more, your name goes into a drawing for the chance to climb with Steph, or one of three other big name climbers, along one of Kor’s more famous routes. The website says that you can climb “Castleton Tower with Steph Davis, The Cruise with Jimmie Dunn, Kor’s Flake with Tommy Caldwell, Kor pitches at the Gunks with Eric Horst, or Washington Column with Conrad Anker. “

So there you have it! A chance to help out a legend, who has climbed El Cap, The Eiger, and many many more, and you just might get the opportunity to climb with another legend along an historic route. $25 seems like a very small price to pay for an opportunity to climb with likes of Steph, Jimmie, Tommy (wonder how they go him! ;)) or Conrad.

Thanks to DSD from Summit Stones & Adventure Musings for passing this along. Good story and nice opportunity to help out.

Kraig Becker

8 thoughts on “Help Climber Layton Kor, Get The Chance To Climb One Of His Routes!”

  1. Thanks so much for your post about our efforts to help Layton Kor. He's the man. Layton still has the fire to climb. I did the first ascent of a desert tower in western Arizona with him last April and we started another big one in May. He has lots of climbs he still wants to do when he gets better. I encourage everyone who wants to help to visit our website and help Layton and have a chance at a great gear package or a climb with a pro. Thanks!

  2. Stewart,
    Thanks for everything you're doing for Layton. He remains an amazing climber, and you and Steph are doing great things to help him out. It was my pleasure to pass along the story. You're doing the hard work.


    I have indeed checked out your blog, and I enjoy your writing style. I prefer you travel stories to the fashion ones of course, but good stuff. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. I appreciate you "dropping by" tagskie, but please don't spam your website on any other posts. I'll delete anything else you post.

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