Last Descent of the Yangtze

I often write about paddlers making first descents on some remote river somewhere, but rarely do you have the opportunity to write about a last descent. That’s exactly what is going to happen on the Yangtze River in China this year, as the great dam project there is finally complete. For years, scientists and environmentalists have warned that the landscapes there will be changed forever thanks to this series of dams, and it’s going to change the course of the river, both literally and figuratively. Check out the video below for more info on the last descent of the Yangtze.

Thanks to the Outside Blog for the heads up on this one.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Last Descent of the Yangtze”

  1. It is a shame. Such a magnificent place, and it's been changed forever. There are villages that are now hundreds of feet under water because of these projects.

    Of course, the dams will provide clean energy for a country that is in dire need, but there were other alternatives, especially to the Three Rivers Gorge project.

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