“Lost World” Discovered in Papua New Guinea

I wrote about this story over at Gadling this morning as well, but definitely worth posting here too. A team of explorers recently visited a remote part of Paupa New Guinea and in the process, discovered a “lost world” filled with previously unknown animal species, including a new breed of rat believed to be the largest ever discovered.

The team is made up of scientists and adventurers from the U.S., Britain, and Paupa New Guinea as well. They trekked through the jungle to Mount Bosavi, and then descended into its volcanic crater, which is more than a kilometer in depth. What they found there was an ecosystem that has evolved almost completely independent of the outside world, with little or no interaction with man at all.

Even more surprising was the number of new species the team discovered in just five weeks time. They came across a tree climbing marsupial not unlike the kangaroo, a new species of bat, a fish that makes grunting noises, and of course the giant rat. They also cataloged 16 new species of frogs, including one with fangs. Yikes!

The story helps to underscore how little we still know about the planet we live on. Deep inside these rainforests are all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures that we know nothing about. It makes you wonder what else is out there, just waiting for us to find it, and it serves as a reminder that there are plenty of adventures still to be had.


5 thoughts on ““Lost World” Discovered in Papua New Guinea”

  1. Thanks for that Kraig. Always good to hear about new species being found. PNG and NG (Irian Jaya), the amazon, borneo are the places with the deep oceans where we can truly encounter new species that could lead to finding the missing links in our planet's history and also possibly find plants to find cures for diseases.
    These are hard places, really adventurous, real exploration and do only cost a fraction of polar exploration. Jungles are in my sense the most challenging places to go into.
    It's really great people are going more to PNG as it might help to increase awareness to help conservation of these last reserves.

  2. It's a great story for sure. And the scientists are using their discoveries to promote conservation of rainforests around the globe. So much more out their to discover. I love it! 🙂

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