Ocean Rowing Update: Roz Finishes Stage 2!!

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We’ve been following Roz Savage for the past few months as she continued her attempt to row solo and unsupported across the Pacific Ocean, and I’m happy to report that she has made landfall on the tiny island of Tarawa, closing out Stage 2 of her journey.

Details are a bit light at the moment, but her blog says that she arrived at 2 PM local time today. Anyone following her Twitter feed has probably has more info. After putting her feet back on land for the first time in three and a half months, Roz popped the champaign while hundreds of people looked on. She then went on to the hotel for a much deserved rest, and what she calls “best shower of my life”. She also noted that when stepping on to the scale, she was 30 pounds lighter than when she set off. Hmm… maybe I should row an ocean.

Last year, Roz began this epic journey by rowing from California to Hawaii. This year, her second stage was to take her from Hawaii to Tuvalu, but ocean currents, winds, and a variety of other conditions forced her further west, eventually to Tarawa. The RozTracker, her GPS tracking system, says that in her 104 days at sea, she traveled 3,158 miles, taking 1,335,834 strokes of the oars to do so.

For now, Roz will take a much deserved break before starting her planning for 2010, when she plans to row the final leg of the Trans-Pacific journey, going from Tarawa to Australia. When she is done, she’ll have become the first woman to traverse the Pacific Ocean under her own power, and amazing feat that I have no doubt she’ll see to its conclusion.

Congrats on finishing Stage 2 Roz! Thanks for bringing us all along for the ride.

Kraig Becker

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