The Rest of Everest Episode 113: Annapurna IV Bonus Interviews

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Following a few weeks off, the Rest of Everest returns this week with a new episode that gives us more of a glimpse of the Annapurna Circuit, as climbers Ben Clark, Josh Butson, and Tim Clarke leave Annapurna IV behind, and continue the trek back to civilization.

The episode begins with an update on the Everest Trek 2010, which will be photography and videography workshop combined with a high altitude trek through the Himalaya next spring. Registration opened last weekend, and more than half of the available slots filled up immediately. There are, however, a couple of available spots on the trek still open, so if you’re interested in joining the fun next year, head on over and sign up. It’s going to be an amazing trip to a seldom seen side of Everest.

From there, we leap into the bonus episode, which has climber Ben Clark chatting up a few female trekkers who were hiking the Annapurna Circuit and enjoying the Himalaya. For anyone thinking of going to Nepal to make a similar trek, it’s quite an interesting episode, as you’ll get to see other travelers talk about a variety of subjects including food, the scenery, the culture and much more. Several of them talk about the challenges of hiking at altitude and others comment on how amazingly friendly and hospitable the people of Nepal are to visitors. Definitely worth watching if you’re planning a trip to the Himalaya in the future.

Kraig Becker

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