The Top Adventurers on Twitter, According To Nat. Geo Adventure

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Twitter has been all the rage for much of 2009. I was a reluctant convert late last year, but stuck with it and found plenty of good, legitimate, reasons to continue to tweet. The “micro-blogging” service was thrust into the public limelight due to a couple of high profile stories earlier this year, and now it seems that everyone and their mother is using it. In a post to their Adventure Blog today, National Geographic Adventure names their favorite adventurers who are using Twitter, with some big names signed up and using the service to varying degrees.

You’ll find the list is broken down into several categories, including National Geographic Explorers, Mountaineers, Athletes, and so on. Under each category you’ll find a list of people who are sharing their thoughts and actions with the rest of us through their tweets.

Some of the names on the list include the likes of archaeologist Zahi Hawass, explorer Borge Ousland, and the Twitter addicted Lance Armstrong. Some of the adventurers to make the list are a bit perplexing however, as Ed Viesturs is on the list despite the fact that he’s made exactly one tweet, and it was back in May. Hard to get excited about that. Worse yet, is Costas Christ, an excellent travel writer, who apparently has a Twitter account, but hasn’t even bothered to make one tweet yet.

Needless to say, while I did add a few more names to my list to “follow”, I was a bit disappointed to find some of the big names like Ed and Costas weren’t really using the service. Still, there is hope for the future, and perhaps they’ll join us on the bandwagon eventually. 🙂

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “The Top Adventurers on Twitter, According To Nat. Geo Adventure”

  1. I agree, numerous people on that list are not active on Twitter.

    Ed, Laird and Yvon are not actively using it. Costas hasn't even posted a single tweet.

    Yet they left out people like Mark Beaumont who is very active on twitter while he cycles the length of the Americas AND climbs 2 of the 7 Summits on the way.

    Didn't do their homework on that article. I bet the author doesn't even use Twitter.

  2. My thoughts exactly Carl. While the list has some interesting people on it, some of the ones that I'm most interested in aren't really using it. And others aren't the actual person either, like the listing for Jane Goodall. It's clearly not the primatologist herself, but coming form the institute that bears her name.

  3. I tried to follow "Alone in the Wild" on Twitter-lame.
    Following Lance on Twitter? Reading " Passed another cyclist" ten times a day gets annoying.
    Have mixed feelings about "T".
    I think it's a great way to meet, follow and get engaged in the community. Found it to be a good alternative to email.

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