Trailer For 3-D IMAX Surfing Film

Last week I mentioned that Jon Bowermaster was in Tahiti working on a 3-D IMAX surfing film with Stephen Low and Kelly Slater. Today we get the first look at what they’ve been working on in the form of a great trailer, and it gives us a taste of what we can expect in February of 2010 when the film is released.

And after you’ve enjoyed the video, head over to Jon’s Blog to read the latest post on “Shark City”, in which a local guide takes them out to a spot in the sea where he summons up hundreds of sharks for their viewing pleasure. Good stuff, as always!

Update: I just wanted to make a small correction to this post. Jon is in Tahiti and is writing about this new film but he isn’t involved in actually making it. His story will appear in the December issue of National Geographic Adventure and will cover the making of the movie ahead of its release.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Trailer For 3-D IMAX Surfing Film”

  1. Looks like another good IMAX film.

    Just a heads up for all you adventure junkies. "Blindsight", the doc about Erik Weihenmayer and 6 blind Tibetan kids journey on Everest is available (free and legal) on Hulu. Dunno how long they'll have it up there, but it's a wonderful inspirational film, so be sure and check it out while you can.

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