Banff Mountain Photography Winners Announced

The winners of this year’s Banff Mountain Photography Competition have been announced, and as you’d expected, they are stunning. According to the site, they received more than 4000 entires this year, from 600 different photographers from 41 different countries. The jury for the awards consisted of: outdoor photographer Alec Pytlowany, award-winning photographer Andrew Querner, and photographer/designer/creative director of HighLine Magazine Kristy Davison.

One look at these photos, and I can’t help but wish that I were as good as these folks. I have a nice camera. I capture decent shots. But these are so far ahead of me it isn’t even funny. Really great, moving photos that shouldn’t be missed. Check out a sample shot below.

Thanks to Rick at Best Hike for letting me know these were out!

goeddel cindy flora fauna 500
Kraig Becker

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