Death Valley Solo: Not Over Yet!

Okay, despite the fact that earlier today Todd Carmichael called in to tell us all that he was heading out of Death Valley, it seems he has indeed had a change of heart, and will now continue the expedition after all. Check out the latest post on his blog, in which we are told by Brian Hart, part of Todd’s home team, that Todd gave him a call and has put off going for that root beer float. Apparently, the way ahead looks clearer, and that has embolden him to carry on. Brian says we can expect an audio update from Todd soon, where I’m sure he’ll fill us all in on his progress and status.

Great news! Glad to hear that Todd has decided to continue. Like I said in my earlier post, he showed incredible tenacity in Antarctic expedition, and he is showing that once again here. Lets wish him good luck and godspeed on the rest of the expedition.

Kraig Becker

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