Death Valley Solo: A Post Expedition Update

Todd Carmichael has written a new dispatch today that gives us a bit of insight into the struggles that he faced while attempting his solo trek across Death Valley. Of course, the post is well written and informative, which is the norm for Todd, but in this case, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is all too true. The image posted her is what Todd was facing while out there in the desert, pulling a cart that had 30+ gallons of water on it, as well as the rest of his gear.

Todd talks about how the first few miles were deceptively easy, almost daring him to drop supplies so that he could go faster, but it wasn’t long before the true challenges began, including soft sand and silt that made pulling the cart very difficult, seemingly endless, challenging ruts, caused by rushing water carving the surface of the Earth, and large rocks like those in the photo. Oh yeah, and of course the dry, desert heat too.

Reading the description of his experience, it is easy to understand why Todd elected to abandon the expedition and come home. But, he shows his adventurers spirit when he says that he isn’t through with Death Valley quite yet. It seems that Todd sees this little patch of land as a personal challenge, and he vows to solve the puzzle and conquer the desert once and for all. This experience seems to have strengthened his resolve to complete this trek after taking a step back and considering the unexpected issues that have arisen. Knowing Todd, he’ll probably be back to work on these issues by the end of the weekend.

Kraig Becker

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