First Ascent Launches “Be First” Program

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Do you have big dreams of a big adventure but lack the funds to go after ? Then you’re in luck, as First Ascent has launched their new Be First program designed to help adventurers get sponsored and head out into the wild to pursue their dreams.

Applicants have until December 31st of this year to submit their proposals to First Ascent, who will then announce the recipients on their Born Out There Blog on or before January 29th of 2010. Each application will be reviewed by a committee of Eddie Bauer employees and adventure consultants, who will select the worthy candidates to receive funding from the company. According to the website, they’ll be looking “To sponsor individuals and groups that endeavor to accomplish what has never been done, or that otherwise challenge the limits of what is possible, and embody the drive to be first and an untamable spirit of adventure.”

Two expeditions have already been tapped by First Ascent to be a part of the program. The first is the 9000 Meter Expedition, which I first reported on back at the beginning of September. This team will attempt to scuba dive down to 152 meters in depth, and then later proceed to Everest, where a successful summit will give them 9000 meters in altitude gain. The other expedition is scheduled to being in early April of next year, and will send a team to the arctic circle to surf the crazy waves there. That team doesn’t have a website yet, but one is coming soon.

The Be First program continues First Ascent’s aggressive move in the very competitive gear industry. Since Eddie Bauer first launched the brand last spring, there have been a series of high profile moves designed to keep them in the fore front of the adventure community. So far, this strategy has worked well, and the gear has received solid reviews and good praise too.

If you want a piece of the pie, head over to the Be First website and fill out the online application. Perhaps you’ll get your next adventure funded too! (I just want to be one of their “Adventure Consultants”!)

Kraig Becker

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