Himalaya Fall 2009: Miss Oh A Go For Annapurna Summit!

I know that I already posted an update on the Himalaya today, but ExWeb has posted news from Annapurna, where Korean climber Miss Oh Eun-sun has set off on her summit bid. The story indicates that she is behind her projected schedule, but has gone up to Camp 1 today, and hopes to go to C3 tomorrow with the hopes of topping out this weekend, most likely on Sunday. If she is successful, she’ll become the first woman to climb all 8000 meter peaks, knocking off five this year alone.

I want to wish Miss Oh the best of luck. I hope she is taking every precaution in her Annapurna climb, as many consider it the toughest of all the 8000m peaks to summit. She’s had a very ambitious hear in the Himalaya, and hopefully discretion will win out over ambition should conditions become dangerous.

ExWeb also reports that the Basque Team on Everest have regained their strength in Base Camp and are now prepared to make another attempt on that mountain. They have been going after the Hornbein Couloir, and were forced down by avalanches earlier in the week, but now feel confident to give it another go. They’ll be going to the summit in an alpine style push, and may top out this weekend as well, but more likely it’ll be next week.

Finally, the ExWeb article also does a good job of explaining the difference between the Central and Main Summits on Shisha Pangma, both of which I mentioned in my earlier post. The Central is lower than the Main, but many don’t make it to the top, as it is a very treacherous climb, especially with snowy conditions. It is an interesting read on the topography of the mountain.

Kraig Becker

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