Huber Brothers Free Climb Nameless Tower!

Trango Towers Pakistan
Caught this story over at Stewart’s climbing blog earlier today. It seems that the Huber Brothers have been busy free climbing more big faces, this time turning their sights on Nameless Tower, part of the Trango Towers in Pakistan’s Karakorum range.

The 2200 foot long route, known as Eternal Flame, required 24 pitches, and was spread out over August 11-14. Much of the climb is above 20,000 feet, adding a dose of altitude to the already very technical climb. Their efforts were aided by a patch of good weather, which made the entire climb possible. Stewart has more info on the climb, and several other preliminary ones, including a couple of new routes that Alexander and Thomas established while getting their bearings on the peak.

The Trango Towers are a group of rock spires stretching over 6000 meters in height. The granite faces are amongst the most challenging in the world due to their unique combination of technical difficulty, altitude, weather conditions, and verticality. Nameless Tower was first climbed back in 1976, and Eternal Flame was put up in 1989 along the southeast face of the spire.

Kraig Becker

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