The USA. Today’s 10 Best Bargains in Adventure Travel

I came across an interesting article from the USA Today recently, in which they list their ten best bargains in adventure travel, a segment of the travel industry that isn’t well known for offering trips that are considered “bargain” in the traditional sense.

Some of the destinations and trips that they recommend include a unique hike to Machu Picchu that eschews the Inca Trail in favor of a different route six days in length that offers Inn-to-Inn trekking. This adventure is offered by Mountain Travel Sobek, and will set you back about $2500 before airfare. An Everest Base Camp trek is also listed as a bargain, with USA Today recommending you travel with GAP Adventures, who have a 15 day journey through the Khumbu Valley that costs just $950, including local payments. (Which coincidently, GAP announced are now included in all of their trip prices)

Other trips making the list include whitewater rafting in California, snow shoeing in Switzerland, and cycling in Sicily. All of the suggestions come with details on what to expect and suggestions for who to travel with. There are some really good adventures to be had at reasonable prices, as long as you realize that a bargain in adventure travel is rated a bit differently than elsewhere.

2010 isn’t as far away as it seems, and it’s time to start thinking about next year’s trips. Maybe this list will spur some ideas. Personally, I’m considering that Everest Base Camp Trek. Anyone want to join me for some high altitude fun?

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “The USA. Today’s 10 Best Bargains in Adventure Travel”

  1. You are right that a bargain in adventure travel is rated a bit differently than elsewhere. But, still, paying $2500 for trips like Machu Picchu ( I think Travel Sobek is THE MOST expensive company out there) is not quite a bargain ( with permits, local guide and lodging you can get away with $1000 for that trip).
    So far, GAP is the king for bargain adventure travellers. I am planning to take their Costa Rica trip next year.
    Everest Base Camp for less than $1000? I think is a great deal!

  2. Agreed on Mountain Sobek, and I thought the same thing. They are quite pricey. Still, that is a unique trip, but you can do the Inca Trail for far cheaper.

    I've traveled with GAP and they are great. I may take that EBC trek myself next year. 🙂

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