It’s Wild America Day at Gadling!

Last week I mentioned that we were running a number of “theme days” at Gadling, the travel site that I contribute to, with GPS being the focus then. Today the theme is “Wild America” with a series of stories about wildlife in the U.S. and the best place to see animals in their natural environment.

One of the best posts of the day so far has come from writer Annie Scott, who has come up with a list of the Top Ten Most Badass Animals Native to the USA. Annie has some impressive creatures on the list, with things like the Brown Recluse Spider (shudder), Rattlesnakes, and Crocodiles making the lists, amongst others. Annie’s top badass animal from the U.S.? Seems like a no brainer in the Polar Bear, which is big, mean, and almost always hungry. These giant beasts have been known to stalk man, sometimes just for the fun of it. Arctic explorers can tell you that it can be a scary experience having one of these guys follow you around for a few days.

I contributed a story for the theme day as well, with a focus on the wild animals of Texas, the state in which I currently live. Of course, everyone knows about the armadillos that inhabit the Lone Star State, not to mention all the deer and coyotes that live here too. But did you know that in Texas you can still spot black bears too? How about mountain lions and elk? Swing past the Gulf Coast, and you can catch dolphins, sea turtles, and even the occasional whale. Texas has diverse wildlife, and it is sometimes surprising how many unique species live in the state.

Kraig Becker

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