New Online Store Offers Gear On The Cheap!

The folks over at are in the process of launching a new online discount gear store that has the potential to save us all a lot of cash, and just in time for the holiday season no less. The new store is called the Department of Goods, and starting today, it’s delivering great deals on top brand gear, with a bit of a catch.

What is that catch you ask? Well, for now, getting into the store is by invite only. You need to “know someone” to get in. But if you’re reading this blog, you do know someone! I have some invite codes to share for the first few people who drop me a note. Simply drop me a note at and I’ll hand out codes while they last.

Once you have an invite, and you get the chance to get inside the store, you’ll have access to all kinds of great deals, with a number of items going for as much as 70% off retail. And if that wasn’t enough, one in ten purchases will be completely comped. Yep! Free! Gratis! You pay zip! And if your order is more than $50, and lets face it, that isn’t tough to do when buying gear, you’ll get to choose from a special “grab bag of swag” that will include everything from socks, t-shirts, and multi-tools to kayaks, skis and bikes. (Hmm… I could use a new kayak or mountain bike!)

So, for the lucky few who e-mail me quickly, get ready to start spending. For those on the outside looking in, I’m sure you’ll get the hook-up soon enough. 🙂

Update: I’m out of codes for now. If I can get some more, I’ll be happy to share again. Thanks to everyone who wrote it asking for them. Hope you’re getting some good deals!

Kraig Becker

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  1. I do have some more codes:

    Just spread the word 🙂

  2. Hey Kraig,
    Didn't have a chance to thank you for refering me to another great gear site "".
    It gave me an idea to sell my gear through my other blog and link my blogs together.

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