Solo Sailing Update: Jessica’s Making Good Time!

Jess sunrise
Australian Jessica Watson has been out on the Ocean for about three weeks at this point, as she attempts to become the youngest person to ever solo circumnavigate the globe. The 16-year old has been keeping us all very well updated with her blogs from the sea, and she seems in good spirits, despite her days alone out on the Pacific.

Jessica set out from Sydney back on October 18th, and has since zipped across the Tasman Sea, around Norfolk Island, and onward toward the equator. Her little boat, the Ella’s Pink Lady, is performing well so far, catching the trade winds a few days back, and really making good time as she steams her way north, before turning across the Pacific towards South America. The journey is just getting started of course, but so far, life on the open sea has been good. You can track Jessica’s progress on her website.

Reading her updates from the boat each day has been great so far, and I have to continually remind myself that she is just 16-years old. It is fun to follow her routine, and get her insights into life aboard the Pink Lady while she settles into this amazing adventure. She seems to be enjoying the voyage so far, and her youthful enthusiasm is definitely contagious.

Even as Jessica goes for her own “youngest to circumnavigate” record, another challenger has taken a step towards claiming that crown for herself. ExWeb is reporting that Abby Sunderland has purchased a boat of her own, and will soon be preparing to set out on her own solo circumnav attempt. Abby is the sister of Zac Suderland who completed his around-the-world sail this past summer, becoming the youngest to do so at the time at the age of 17.

Abby’s new ride is an Open 40 named the Wild Eyes, and she, Zac, and their father, are taking it for a shake down cruise from Rhode Island, where the ship was purchased, to Fort Laurderdale, Florida. After that, if all goes as planned, Abby will set out on her journey in December. Perhaps she can meet up with Jessica along the way!

Kraig Becker