South Pole Dome Looking For A Home

The iconic geodesic dome, which has stood at the South Pole for nearly 30 years, is scheduled to be demolished at the end of this Antarctic season, having already been replaced by a newer structure. But according to this story from the New York Times, a group of polar explorers are hoping to have the dome dismantled and sent back to the U.S. to be reassembled as a monument to the country’s dedication to exploring and protecting Antarctica.

The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is managed by the National Science Foundation, and that organization has already agreed to salvage a portion of the dome for use in a museum, but some think that the entire dome should be taken apart, piece by piece, and bolt by bolt, and shipped home. The NSF says that would cost more than $500,000 above their initial budget.

The dome is 165-feet in diameter and covered several modular buildings that served as home for more than 200 researchers and support staff during the summer months. In the winter, that number would drop to less than 50, and in recent years, the place has mainly been unused, with a newer, more efficient structure taking over the duties.

If only I had a spare half-million dollars sitting around. I’d buy the dome and put it up in my backyard! How cool would that be? Of course, there isn’t much need for a dome such as this one in Texas, unless I can figure out how to air condition it too.

Kraig Becker

10 thoughts on “South Pole Dome Looking For A Home”

  1. Why not asking all these explorers to bring pieces one by one from the south pole to the coast ? Then ship it per sailing boats to the US. I'm sure there's a way to lower the bill.
    This icon should be maintained in one piece and remain to death in Antarctica or brought over completely to the US or maybe to USHUAIA.

  2. Well, I certainly can't be Pauly Shore's character, so I'd better go with Stephen Baldwin! 😉

    Good call on the Bio-Dome! 🙂

  3. You could solve the air conditioner problem by installing the dome underground. Yes, it would add a bit to the budget, but what's another $500k if you already have enough pocket change around to buy the thing in the first place? mKay?


  4. Hmm… if I bury it underground it would be more like something out of Logan's Run. That sounds promising!

    And yes, great soundtracks can redeem a movie for sure, and you're right, Bio-Dome's is awesome!

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