What’s Your Survival IQ?

Outside Magazine has posted their Outside Survival Quiz that is designed to test our ability to survive in a number of situations out in the wilderness.

The questions are definitely challenging and I was left scratching my head on more than one occasion on what the best answer should be. Some of the choices are obvious or easy to rule out, but others are not so easy, and really require some thought or first hand experience in the best way to handle a situation. Some of the answers that they provide are also a bit contrary to other things I’ve heard or read, which goes to show you that survival isn’t really an exact science.

All that said, I have to admit that I only correctly answered 7 of the 14 questions correctly. That gave me a “D” on this quiz, and probably means I’m going to die a slow, agonizing death out in the wilderness somewhere. Take the quiz for yourself, and leave a comment with your score. I’m sure most of you will do better than I did! 🙂

Kraig Becker

12 thoughts on “What’s Your Survival IQ?”

  1. I thought the same thing Erik, but didn't want to call out specific questions in the original post so as to not give away the answers. But for instance, why would it ever be better to wade across a stream as opposed to being able to leap across it in a narrow spot? Of course that is situational-dependent too.

    Only thing I do know, when I die in the back country, it's going to be in a sleeping bag. Naked. With a friend! 😉

  2. Your score is 9
    Congratulations, you just might live to tell about your adventure!

    That's just because I don't want to get naked in the sleeping bag with my climbing partners 😛

    nice quiz

  3. I failed, but I don't surf and am fond of letting go and screaming Jesus take the wheel as I drive down the road. So that probably hurt me.

  4. Darn, got 7 also. Got the important ones right however: I always wave at my new friends whenever I surf a new break 😉

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