Adventure Says Goodbye… For Now!

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Following the news last week that National Geographic Adventure would cease publishing, the editors of the magazine have posted a farewell note on their site saying “Good-bye For Now

The bittersweet article is posted on the Adventure Blog with a recap of some of the highlights of the past ten years, in which the magazine was at the fore front of outdoor adventure around the globe, covering some of the premiere expeditions to take place in that time, and throwing a spotlight on emerging destinations for the rest of us would-be adventurers longing for a little excitement and action in our own lives.

While Adventure will indeed by missed, the post does indicate that it won’t be going away completely. The story states: “But Adventure isn’t gone for good. Keep an eye out for special newsstand editions, books, and on the web.” Which is a good indication of what we can expect in the months ahead. Lets hope it isn’t gone for too long, and that the great tradition of the magazine and website continues.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “<i>Adventure</i> Says Goodbye… For Now!”

  1. I've subscribed off and on for most of the ten years I think. It'll be missed for sure.

    This is one time where my procrastination payed off though. I've had the renewal notice sitting on my desk for a few weeks and just never sent it in.

  2. Sad to see but proof once more that production and fulfillment costs have gotten so expensive that many magazines are starting to realize the true benefit of digital editions. Don't be surprised to see NGA in a digital format sometime soon…

  3. Agreed. I wouldn't be surprised to see it return in a different format either, possibly on one of these much rumored new devices coming in 2010. 😉

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