Best Hike Goes To The Himalaya: Day 3 – Namche Bazaar

nepal bridge
Best Hike editor Rick McCharles continues his trek through the Himalaya today, this time reaching the famous village of Namche Bazaar. The town is a popular place for climbers and trekkers on their way to Everest, as traditionally they’ll stop off and take a rest day or two in Namche as part of the normal acclimatization process.

Up until this point, Rick had been feeling a bit under the weather, thanks in no small part to the altitude. But after two days of trekking, he was on the mend and ready to enter the Sagarmatha National Park, the preserve that contains Everest and a number of other big mountains. As an independent hiker, Rick was required to show his TIMS card (Trekking Information Management System), and pay a fee of U.S.$13.50.

The rest of today’s story shows some great photos of the multitude of suspension bridges that are common along the trail. We also get some shots of Namche itself, and it was on that day that the intrepid editor received his first glimpses of Everest as well, the mountain that he had come so far to step foot on.

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