The Coastal Challenge Gets New Name, Announces 2010 Schedule

The Coastal Challenge has been one of the top endurance events in the world for a number of years. The event has earned itself a reputation as being a demanding and adventurous race, set in the beautiful and remote regions of Costa Rica. The organizers of the event are building on that rock solid foundation, by announcing a new name and sponsorship platform, while announcing their ambitious schedule of races for 2010.

Now named TCC Adventures, the organization has put itself in a better position to provide athletes, runners, and trekkers with opportunities to take part in off-road running events in a number of international locations. TCC has built up a strong community around their events, and that is now allowing them to branch out and offer new challenges on different routes in different parts of the world. Of course, that also means a broader reach for race sponsors, who will now be able to connect with those same participants on a bigger stage and in entirely new regions than ever before.

Along with the change of name and new sponsorship opportunities, the 2010 race schedule looks to be an amazing one. The events will get underway with the XX minus Y: Surf & Run, on January 19-23, which is for the ladies only, and will have them surfing and racing through the tropical trails of Costa Rica. A few weeks later, starting on January 31st, the Coastal Challenge (Route of Fire) will begin. This week long event will host some of the top endurance runners from around the world as the race through 200km of Costa Rican mountains and coastline.

On April 15th the competition heads goes to Panama for the TCC Panama / Island Run, which will mix challenging running with island hopping on a nearby archipelago. After that, it’s on to Bolivia for the TCC Bolivia / Inca Run, which will be as demanding of a race as they come. That one will be spent in the Andes, with the competitors racing for a week through the highest mountains in the Western Hemisphere, which includes breathtaking views and amazing challenges.

TCC Adventures isn’t just about the races however, as they make a commitment to the places they travel to, and try to add a cultural element to their races, and integrate closely with the communities they visit. Part of the fun is the competition of course, but you’ll also get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the locals and really get immersed in the locations as well. This year, that should be even more enjoyable, with the great destinations that are on the schedule.

Endurance racers looking for new challenges should definitely check out the TCC Adventures website. They have big things planned for 2010, and they’re going to be offering some amazing experiences along the way.

Kraig Becker

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