The Life Antarctic: Into Neko Harbour

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Continuing his journey along the Antarctic Peninsula, Jon Bowermaster sent another dispatch yesterday, detailing his arrival at Neko Harbour, a place that he calls โ€œone of the most beautiful along the Peninsulaโ€, although he quickly admits that he says that about a lot of places along the peninsula.

This beautifully written blog update gives us an excellent idea of what it is like on the frozen continent. Jon talks about how it is both very quiet and yet filled with ambient noises, such as penguins chattering with their newborn or the sounds of humpback whales just below the surface. For a place that is so remote, it is still filled with a lot of life.

Speaking of remote, Jon also notes that if you hike more than 100 feet from the shore, youโ€™re likely to become the first person to ever walk in that area. There are still a relatively small number of visitors to Antarctica each year, and most that do some, seldom venture away from shore at all.

After spending several hours in the area, it was time for the team to move on, but not before witnessing a large chunk of ice breaking free from the 200 foot tall glacier with a resounding crack that would be heard for miles. Just another example of life in the Antarctic.

Kraig Becker

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