The Lure of the Long Trail Part 4

I’ve posted links to Trail Space’s interesting articles on long distance hiking before. The four part series started some weeks back, and you can still find Parts 1, 2, and 3 online at their website.

The fourth, and final, part of the series has now been posted as well, wrapping up the series, and offering some final thoughts and advice for those thinking of making an epic trail hike, such as the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails. This time out, author Barbara Egbert reminds us to be educated about our hikes and be prepared for the unexpected.

The final portion of the the article has a nice list of books that are recommended reading for those thinking of tackling one of the big epic hikes, although most of them would be great reading for any outdoor enthusiast, even if they think a long hike is to the mailbox and back. There are a few classics on the list that are definitely worth adding to the bookshelf.

All in all, I felt the series was good one with some sound advice for anyone thinking of making a major hike. Others have criticized it for being mostly common sense, but sometimes that’s all we need. It reminds us of things we take for granted or may have forgotten. And if it inspires one more person to hit the trail, and teaches someone something new, than the articles accomplished their purpose.

Kraig Becker