Ocean Rowing: 22-Year Old Attempts Atlantic Crossing

22-year old Katie Spotz is in the final stages of preparing to challenge the Atlantic, in her bid to become the youngest person to ever row across an ocean and the first American to go from Africa to South America by paddle. In the process, she hopes to raise funds for the Blue Planet Run, an organization dedicated to delivering clean drinking water to locations around the globe.

The 2500 mile journey is expected to take somewhere between 70 and 100 days to completed, with Katie facing huge waves and crazy weather on her journey from Dakar, Senegal, on Africa’s West Coast, to South America. She’ll make the trip in a specially designed, 19-foot row boat, but won’t even use a tarp to help shield her from the sun and other elements. The boat has plenty of storage for all of her supplies and comes equipped with solar panels to recharge her communications equipment while at sea.

As of this writing, Katie is ten days from setting off on her journey, and according to the blog on her website, she left for Senegal today. Once she arrives there, she’ll spend some time getting her gear and boat prepared before hitting the water. From then on, it’ll be just her, the boat, and the Ocean.

For more about Katie, check out the recent interview she conducted, which can be found on video below and be sure to follow her updates on Twitter at @KatieSpotz. Good luck Katie! We’ll be following along!

Mike McIntyre talks to Katie Spotz about her trip across the Atlantic, in a row boat
Kraig Becker

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