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Mariah Media, the publishing company behind Outside Magazine, has purchased a share of the Resort Sports Network (Yeah, never heard of it either!), and will reportedly begin programming Outside TV by June of next year.

According to a press release on the RSN website, there will be a “complete rebranding” of the network, which is currently seen in resort communities around the U.S., and has roughly 1.9 million subscribers. Upon its relaunch next summer, it will be called The Outside Network, and will pair the media expertise of RSN with the editorial savvy of Outside Magazine, to provide content for the active adventure traveler and outdoor crowd.

The thought of a channel dedicated to the things we enjoy, like hiking, paddling, mountain biking, climbing, and so on, sound great. Unfortunately, we have to travel to one of those resort communities to see it. At least at this point. Perhaps Mariah Media will expand the reach of the network and offer it up to cable and satellite providers, giving the rest of us an opportunity to see what it’s all about.

So, what kind of programming would you like to see on a network such as this one? Personally, I’d love to see some great outdoor documentaries, skiing/climbing videos, and profiles of the athletes and adventurers that Outside often writes articles about. Anyone know what RSN as for content now?

Kraig Becker

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  1. The fact that we would have to travel to a resort to see it sucks. But… getting that type of programming in front of an audience at all might expose it to someone working at a bigger network somewhere. They could get programming syndicated to larger networks. So maybe we'll get to see some of the programming someday. (fingers crossed) Thanks for this story!

  2. I'm hoping we'll get this added to DirecTV or something. It would be a great addition, provided the content matches what we're use to out of the magazine. This is an interesting endeavor considering the challenges going on in the publishing world these days.

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