Outside’s Top Ten Adventure Stories of the Decade

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With the end of 2009 now just a couple of days away, I’m sure we’ll see a few more of these “Best of the Year” and “Best of the Decade” lists. The Outside Blog gets things started today with their selection of the Top 10 Adventure Stories of the Decade.

The list spans a lot of different and unique stories ranging from the likes of Aron Ralston’s dramatic and controversial survival tale to Lance Armstrong making Yellow a cool color. You may recall that back in 2003, Ralston rose to fame after being trapped in the wilderness under a boulder for several days, and then cutting his own arm off to escape, and while Lance spent many days in the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France, his iconic “Live Strong” bracelets may have been the real reason the color became so popular.

Other stories that make their list include Dean Potter’s literal rise to top rock climber to BASE jumper, the continued debate in mountaineering circles about a number of issues surrounding Everest, and Kelly Slater’s 41 ASP victories in surfing. The list is far reaching and covers a multitude of areas, most of which were front and center in the pages of Outside over the past ten years.

So, what do you think of their choices? A number of those wouldn’t make my list, but they are interesting selections none the less, and very fitting with the magazine’s audience.

Kraig Becker

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