Top 10 Adventure Destinations For 2010 (U.S. Edition)

grand teton national park
A few weeks back I wrote a story for Gadling on my selection for the Top 10 Adventure Destinations for 2010, with places like Antarctica, Mongolia, and Bhutan all making my personal list. But for the passport challenged, or those that don’t enjoy spending 25 hours in transit to the far corners of the world, Outdoorzy has put together a list of their own, giving us their selection for the Top 10 Adventure Destinations in the U.S. for next year.

Some of the fun, cool, and down right adventurous places to make their list include Leadville, Colorado, home of the Leadville 100 mountain bike race and the amazing Channel Islands off the coast of California, which offer some great sea kayaking and access to a wilderness area that is little known and seldom visited. The Tetons, Maui, and six other great places all earn a spot on the list as well.

Notable locations missing from the list include Moab and Boulder, which have long been seen as the epicenters for the outdoor community. Those two places belong in the “Adventure Destination Hall of Fame” however, and it’s nice to see other places get recognized. Much like my list however, I’m sure compromises had to be made to pair it down to just ten. In my case, I even cheated, and snuck in two extra! 🙂

So, what other locations should make the list? With the economy still struggling to a degree, I’m sure a lot of people will pass on International travel again this year, and having some suggestions closer to home is always a nice option.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Adventure Destinations For 2010 (U.S. Edition)”

  1. Thanks for the mention Kraig. This did prove to be a hard list for us to put together. Sooo many great destinations in this country of ours. We'll put an international one together soon. It'll be hard not to have cross-over after your top "12". Great list Kraig.

  2. Hey Wade! I look forward to seeing your International list as well. Plenty of great places that didn't make the cut on my 10+2 list. 🙂 I think I could have made a Top 20 or 25 while I was at it. 🙂

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