Around The Americas Update: Heading For The Horn!

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The Around the Americas Expedition has been continuing these past few months, mostly crossing through smooth, calm waters as they made their way down the Eastern Coast of the United States, across the Caribbean, and continuing down along the coast of South America as well. But things are about to get more interesting for the crew of the Ocean Watch, who have made their way to the Falkland Islands, and will soon be braving the tempestuous weather of Cape Horn, and the Beagle Passage.

You may recall that this is the sailing expedition that is attempting to become the first to make a complete circumnavigation of North and South America. The ship set sail from Seattle last May, and promptly turned north. During the summer months, the ship made its way through the Northwest passage, then broke into the Atlantic Ocean, where it has been sailing ever since.

But soon, the Ocean Watch and her crew will be returning to the Pacific, but first they’ll face some of the most dreaded waters that any sailor has ever have to face. The region is marked by high winds, strong ocean currents, and powerful waves. Throw in some of the craziest storms on the planet, and the possibilities for icebergs, and you begin to see the challenges of sailing around the Horn.

Once the ship clears the area however, they’ll begin their long voyage back north. They hope to return to Seattle later this year, most likely in the summer. Upon their return, they’ll begin analyzing the data that they’ve collected over the course of the journey, in which they’ve been exploring the health of the oceans, and taking a number of readings about conditions along the coasts of the two continents.

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