Everest 2010: An Interview with Dave Hahn

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I may not have been all that thrilled with the third season of Everest: Beyond The Limit, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not excited about the upcoming climbing season on the mountain itself. With the new year upon us, it really isn’t as far off as you would think at this point, and it won’t be long before climbers begin the journey to Nepal.

With that in mind, Alan Arnette continues his great pre-season coverage with an interview with Dave Hahn, who has reached the top of Everest 11 times, more than any other climber who isn’t a Sherpa. Dave is a guide with an impeccable reputation and a resume to match, having gone up Rainier 250+ times, 26 times on Vinson, and 19 on Denali, amongst plenty of other peaks as well.

In this interview, Alan asks Dave about those 11 summits on the tallest mountain on the planet, as well as how Everest has changed over all the years that he’s been going there. Dave also talks about his plans for 2010, as he’ll be guiding for Rainier Mountaineering Inc., and what he does with his down time, living in Taos, New Mexico, amongst plenty of other things.

This is another good interview by Alan, and a great introduction to one of the best climbers on the planet. Now that we’re officially in 2010, it’s okay to start getting a little excited about the Spring Himalaya Season, and this will help get you in the mood. Particularly on a Monday in which you’ve had to return to work. Blah!

Kraig Becker

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