High Tech Boat Rammed By Whaling Vessel While Protesting

The high tech boat, Sea Shephard, which looks a bit like something out of James Bond movie, was rammed earlier this week by a whaling vessel, causing irreparable damage. The Shephard was protesting ongoing whaling activity by Japanese ships, when things got a bit heated, as you can tell by the video below.

I first wrote about the boat more than two years ago, when it was unveiled for an attempt to circle the globe in just 60 days using biofuels. Since that time, it has been used by environmental protesters in various hotspots around the globe.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Being immature here…Have you seen an episode of South Park about dolphins ( based on the Cove ) and whales ( Whale Wars)?
    That's all I needed to know about those retards.

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