Long Rider Bernice Ende Off On Another Adventure

june 09
I’ve written about Bernice Ende and her various long distance adventures on horseback a few times in the past. Back in 2007, Bernice completed a 5000 mile journey through the Western U.S., that crossed through 14 states in the process, then followed that up with a 3000 mile horseback ride through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Not one for staying home long, Bernice embarked on yet another long distance journey last March, when she hit the trail once again. Setting off from her home in Trego, Montana, this latest ride is described on her website like this:

From the NW corner of Montana, we head West to the mouth of the Columbia River, Naselle, Washington. Via the shortest route possible, we make our way to South Central Texas. We then head North by Northeast, up the Appalachian and Adirondack Mountains,crossing into Canada, near Ottowa. Our final home stretch takes us across the Provinces of our Northern Neighbors, into Eureka, Montana… HOME.

This ride is expected to take two and a half years and cover more than 7000 miles. As usual, Bernice is joined on the trail by her horses Honor and Essie Pearl, and her ever-faithful companion, Claire the dog.

Checking out the progress map on the Ende of the Trail website I see that Bernice has now reached Texas, and will be headed through my area in the days ahead. According to her latest updates, she’ll be making her way through the middle part of the state, passing between Odessa and Midland. Hopefully she’ll take her time down here in the south, and wait until spring before tacking on the Appalachian mountains. After all, when you’re touring the country on horseback, there is no need to rush.

Thanks to my brother, the Minnesota Saddle Tramp, for sharing Bernice’s adventures with me again.

Kraig Becker