Nat Geo Releases Atlas For The iPhone!

National Geographic has released an iPhone version of their popular World Atlas, allowing us to take it with us wherever we go.

The new app, which can be found at this link, cost just $1.99, but offers everything you’d expect from the printed version, and then some. For instance, the program offers seven levels of cartography provided by National Geographic themselves, as well as an addition seven layers of maps provided by Microsoft Bing. The high-resolution imagery used to render those maps are the same as those found in Nat Geo’s wall maps and printed atlases, giving you the best looking and most comprehensive maps in the world, right in your pocket.

If that wasn’t enough, the app also includes access to the Flags and Facts database, which offers a wealth of information on countries and cities from around the globe. You can also search for information on more than 7 million locations, bookmark your favorites, and use the iPhone’s built in GPS to locate your current position at any time. All of that, and more, is wrapped up in an easy to use interface that quite literally puts the world at your fingertips. To find out more about this app, click here.

I’m a huge fan of National Geographic’s maps and atlases. In fact, I received a beautiful, framed wall map as a Christmas present that is simply beautiful and amazing. Having their World Atlas right on my iPhone seems like a dream come true. As if I needed another app to keep me playing with Apple’s wonderful little gadget.

Kraig Becker