New ExWeb Launching Soon!

If you’ve wandered by Explorersweb today you may have noticed that it is not open for business. Instead, there is a simple note saying that “explorersweb 3.0 will launch soon”, with no further indication of when we can expect the site to relaunch nor what new additions we will see once it does.

Regular readers of my blog already know that I’m a big fan of ExWeb and frequently link to their stories and news from adventurers doing crazy things and visiting remote places all over the planet. While I don’t always agree with their stance on certain issues, I do think they do a good job of keeping us all abreast on a variety of topics that we all love, such as mountaineers taking on big peaks, polar explorers heading to the top and bottom of the world, and a whole lot more.

With that in mind, I’m very much interested in seeing what they have in store for us once the site relaunches. Will it be more interactive? Will it allow us to leave comments on stories? How about forums to discuss the latest news and events from the adventure world? Will it include some *gasp* social media elements which have become so popular over the past few years? I guess only time will tell.

So, what would you like to see in a redesigned and relaunched Explorersweb? The old design was functional and worked well, but was starting to look a little dated. Still, I was generally on the site for the content, and not for the design. They always managed to pack quite a bit of info in the space they had, and I suspect that will remain the case in the new design as well. How fancy they get with flash, video, and other features will be interesting to see. Hope they’re back up and going again soon.

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “New ExWeb Launching Soon!”

  1. Agreed. They really have the potential to build an adventurers community, but so far they haven't quite taken the opportunity. I'm not sure we'll see forums or comments, but it would be a nice addition. 🙂

  2. Don't feel to bad Sam. They've never acknowledged my existence in any way shape or form, despite linking to them regularly and scooping them on some stories.

    I still dig the site. 🙂

  3. I'm surprised because every time I've ever emailed a comment to Tom & Tina at Ex Web, they've ALWAYS responded. Sometimes it took a week or two, but they never failed to answer, even if it was brief.

  4. The reporting on that site has been near nothing lately.

    I hope they don't slip into irrelevancy like did. That web site used to be pretty good, but now the articles are pretty lame…..

  5. I noticed that updates were a bit sparse of late too, but now I'm wondering if that was because they were planning to rollout the new site. Content was slowed down in order to get the site in place ahead of the big Spring Himalaya and Everest season.

  6. Whilst they do a great job of reporting what's going on around the globe, the articles are from a single viewpoint – it would be nice to see more freedom for others to comment on the articles.

    Ultimately ExWeb is a commercial business providing technology hardware/software to support expeditions and the 'adventure reporting' helps to generate traffic, raise exposure etc.

    Great side, good business and it will be interesting to see what changes appear.

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