Papua New Guinea’s Lost World Revealed

Back in September I wrote about a “lost world” that had been discovered near Mt. Bosavi in a very remote section of Papua New Guinea. At the time, the place was just beginning to be explored by a team of scientists and a film crew from the BBC, but they had already discovered some amazing new species, including a giant rat and a variety of new spiders.

Now, nearly six months later, WideWorld Magazine has a follow-up story with more information on the place. The article talks about the logistics of getting to this amazing place, and how the filmmakers went about enlisting the aid of the local tribesmen who had no concept of the technologies they would be using there.

Mt. Bosavi is located in a previously unexplored region of Papua New Guinea. The once active volcano had been silent for some time, and its caldera has collapsed many millennia ago. As a result, a nearly impenetrable wall of rock has been built up around the region, forming a unique ecosystem that has been virtually cut off to the outside world for thousands of years.

This fascinating story from WideWorld not only shows us what it was like to explore this remote area for the first time, it also talks about how the BBC worked to get the footage they wanted and needed to make a documentary about the expedition. While scientists and explorers struggled to penetrate the interior of the lost world, equally talented cameramen came along for the ride, capturing a place that no man had ever looked upon before.

Really amazing stuff. I’m hoping desperately that this documentary will somehow make its way stateside. I’d love to watch this all unfold.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I just came back from PNG, I must admit it was a shock to the system but I really enjoied mydelf.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Dan. It is on my list of "must see" places to visit in the future as well.

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