Portage to Portage: Jake’s Hit The Gulf, Talks To Himself On Video

A couple of weeks back I mentioned the Portage to Portage Kayak Expedition, in which paddler Jake Stachovak is attempting to circumnavigate the Eastern U.S. by kayak along an interesting route that begins and ends in Wisconsin. Along the way, he’ll pass along the Mississippi River, into the Gulf of Mexico, up the Atlantic Coast, into the Great Lakes, and finally along a river back to where he started.

When checking his progress today, I discovered that he has completed the first leg of that expedition by reaching the Gulf. Considering the cold weather conditions and blizzards that he was dealing with back in December when he first launched, he has to be feeling good about the warmer weather he’s experiencing now. It seems like he’s making good time, but then again, when you watch the video below, you’ll understand why. I found this over at CanoeKayak.com, and while it’s mostly just a view of Jake paddling, and telling a rather silly joke, the subtitles, most likely supplied by his support team are pretty amusing. On top of that, we discover that Jake takes 76 paddle strokes a minute, which is fairly impressive, and helps to explain how he reached the Gulf already.

Of course, he still has a long ways to go, and paddling in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean won’t be nearly as easy as the Mississippi River. But, it seems that Jake his happy with his progress so far, and is determined to paddle all the way home.

Kraig Becker