The Rest of Everest DVD Giveaway: Week 1

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As I mentioned earlier, this week’s episode of The Rest of Everest is now available, both on the website and in iTunes. That means I’m ready to ask my first trivia question from this week’s show, with those answering it correctly getting the chance to win a copy of Everest {the other side} on DVD.

The rules are simple. Watch the episode, find the answer to the question and e-mail me that answer. I can be reached at I’ll be accepting e-mails until Monday morning, at which time I’ll take the names of everyone who got the answer right, put them into a hat, and draw a winner. Easy enough?

Okay, so here is this week’s question:

What was the name of the card game that captivated the trekking team while in the Himalaya?

Kraig Becker

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